DIY St. Patrick's Day Decorations

By: Caroline vanKampen


St. Patrick’s Day is always a great time to have family and friends over either for a more intimate gathering before heading out for a night of Irish fun at your local pub. Here are some of our favorite DIY decorations for St. Paddy’s Day that are simple, but sure to impress your guests!

This super easy pallet is cheap to make, but looks like a store bought decoration! There are also different variations on the website, so you can make a bunch at once and mix and match. Get the directions here.

These upside down wine glasses sure do make a great decoration for St. Paddy’s Day. Learn how to make these sparkly masterpieces here.  

This pot of gold is a fun thing to have hanging from your ceiling during St. Patrick’s Day, and if you have kids it’s a great project they’ll love to help you with! Directions are here.  

These DIY photo props are sure to be a hit with your group. Pin a solid colored sheet to the wall and it makes for a perfect DIY photo background to use with these fun props! Learn how to make them here.


Create your own pot of gold as a sweet treat for your guests! This project is easy and super fun. Learn how to make it here

Caroline van Kampen