Tiyana Robinson, Beauty Guru: Her Rise to Success

Tiyana Robinson, CEO of Tiyana Robinson Beauty

Tiyana Robinson, CEO of Tiyana Robinson Beauty

Tiyana Robinson is a self-made makeup artist who has recently been named best makeup artist in Washington, D.C. 

The skilled makeup artist always loved makeup, but did not even think about starting her own business until she graduated from the University of Mexico. After Robinson graduated, she decided that she did not want to go to Law School, but found an interest in a woman who launched her own hair extension company. She then created a job for herself within the company and traveled to Denver then Cambodia to help run the hair company. 


Soon after Ms. Robinson found a home within the hair company, someone within the company had embezzled money, soon then leaving the company without money and Ms. Robinson without job. It was in this moment where she "hit rock bottom," did she decide to begin her own company. The beauty guru doesn't believe in failures, "you can chose to see failures as failures or different perspectives." Robinson decided to make it full time because she became so passionate, it impacted her full time job. 

Robinson gives tips on achieving success and building a brand. Her first tip is to build a following. Whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media; build a tribe who be willing to support you in whatever business you begin. With this, her key words of advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs are "exploration,""just do it," "do it all," and to learn something new everyday. 

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Robinson has sacrificed her time in efforts in order to build her company, and has  begun planning for the future of her makeup business. She plans to work with brands and connecting WOC (women of color). She also wants to become an International Brand Ambassador and give back by helping other developing and coaching entrepreneurs, and then develop tools for makeup artists. 

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