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4 reasons why women wear make up

1. Really, we just do it for ourselves

Okay, do not get me wrong: sometimes the only reason girls wear make up to impress guys and sometimes even other girls. However, most of the times, I can honestly say the only person I put on make up for is myself. When I wear make up, I feel good and look good to. I don’t feel ugly without it, but it gives me that extra confident boost that you need once in a while.

2. It’s PRETTY.

Makeup is an art. When my friends ask me to do their makeup, I honestly feel more artistic than I have ever felt in my life. However, when I am doing makeup on myself or someone else, I feel like there are no limits. I can try out different techniques thinking my products are “going to waste” because if you mess up, all you do is learn from it and start over.

3. It corrects thing that we cannot always correct on our own.

 I have horrible under eye circles. I have been self-conscious about my dark circles and black marks left on my face since I was 13. When I discovered the power of concealer, it tottally . changed the way I felt about applying make up with just foundation. Makeup is helpful when it comes down to the emergency situations: zits, blotchiness, and blackheads.

4. It’s a way to be expressive.

When I see a woman with dramatic plum shadow, high-blushed cheekbones, and nude glossy lips, I can immediately sense a way in which she expresses herself. Some girls go for the natural look and others go for the dramatic, sexy look. Its simple, I can gage a tiny part of their personality. It doesn’t always work in that way, but more often than not, makeup says things about a woman they usually do not say on their own.

Needless to say, you are beautiful whether you choose to wear makeup or not. Don’t feel pressured to wear make up because other women do. Wear it because you want to! 


Everything that’s built correctly starts with a foundation. This even applies to your makeup! Using a good quality foundation can supply the perfect base for your makeup. Without it, your skin may be left looking unpolished and uneven. It’s best to find a tone that matches your true skin color

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Concealer is one of the most important cosmetics products you can own in your make up kit, especially if you have blemishes, redness, or under eye circles to cover.

Kevyn Aucoin

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How to apply and other useful products : 

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