Wedding Stress

Planning a wedding is never easy no matter how much assistance you may have. Accommodating to all of your guest is never an easy task so, here are a couple things you as a bride might stress over and how to deal with them.

Seeing eye to eye with the bridesmaids


You choose certain ladies to be you bridesmaids, because they have a special place in your heart and you want them to share this day with you. So, you have to consider a budget when it comes to you bridesmaids. They do not want to spend an arm and a leg when it comes to buy their dresses, shoes, and jewelry. You have to be able to compromise and see what budget they all come up with, and if you want to somethings more on the pricey side offer to pay for half of the dress or you buy the shoes and jewelry. At the end of the day its about compromising, because all they want is for you to be happy at the end of the day. 

The guest list

We all that one person we that we are walking on glass wondering if we should invite them. You should never feel obligated to invite a certain person to your wedding the guest list should be chosen by you and your fiancé, because we all have the one family member we are skeptical about inviting. 

The menu

Some of your favorite foods might now appeal to all your guest, most caterers suggest you choose two types of meats, choose you "vegetarian" food, fruits, and dessert. That way you appeal to a large group but you cannot please everyone and if one person doesn't like the food there isn't much you can do. 

Brittani Treadway