Top 5 DC restaurants



Well, whether you’re looking to impress some company, take a significant other out for a special night, or celebrate a special occasion, you’re bound to find the perfect restaurant in DC. The city has it all: from hidden gems in up and coming neighborhoods to all time favorites by the national mall.

Here are a few sure to make any event special.


1) Rose’s Luxury. Looking for Tapas? This is your place. It opened in 2014, but has already maed itself known as one of the best restaurants in DC. It’s advised to go ahead of time, for even with reservations you might be forced to wait an hour or two. But nner at Rose’s Luxury is more than just a meal, it’s an experience. No wonder the wait is so long! A must see in DC.

2) Chez Billy. Located in the neighborhood of Petworth, this French bistro’s spectacular reputation has brought people from around the nation. It’s known as one of the trendiest restaurants in DC, and is home to many locals. Fabulous food, beautiful decor, and great service; what more could you want?

3) Zaytinya. With floor to ceiling windows and elegant decor, it’s not hard to tell why this is a local favorite. Here you’ll find delicious eastern mediterranean food, all paired with the best regional wines. Like the many other great restaurants in DC, it definitely requires a reservation well ahead of time, but again, it will be well worth it!

4) ChurchKey. Looking for a great place for your favorite american dishes? This is your place. This dimly lit bar and restaurant gives off a very relaxed yet incredibly chic vibe. Boasts of having a great beer and cheese plate selection, in addition to their many other delicious plates!

5) Iron Gate. While I have never personally been, this still holds the number one place on my to-do list. Iron Gate is said to be by far one of the most beautiful restaurants in DC as well as one of the best spots for great Italian and Greek food. Whether going for lunch or dinner, ask to be seated in the patio area, where twinkly lights and candles will make any event all the more special.


Whatever restaurant you end up choosing, the DC restaurants life will not disappoint! Good thing there are enough restaurants to last a lifetime. All that’s left is to start trying them out!

- Fatima





Brittani Treadway