Unique Proposals To Get That Yes!

Prosing to your loved one can be one of the greatest and most pivotal moments of your life. But the ways in which people are proposing have become cliché and overdone through the years. Your proposal is something special that you and your significant other will remember for the rest of your life. This is your time to wow your fiancée and set the tone for your marriage so make your proposal one to remember, and be the envy of other couples that you tell your story to. Below are four unique and out of the ordinary ways to propose to your mate and pave the way to a yes!


1.     At the bottom of a mug

You can create your own or have it made into his or her favorite mug!


2.     A treasure hunt

Send your loved one on a hunt to find clues that all lead up to you down on one knee.


3.     Sleeping Ring

Slip the ring onto your fiancée’s finger while she’s asleep. Wake her up with a delicious breakfast in bed and as she eats she is sure to be surprised!


4.     Surprise Party

Plan a surprise party for your significant other. Have them arrive early and “ruin” the surprise party. Then bring in the real surprise when you propose in front of all her friends and family.

I hope that these exciting and unique ideas help you with or inspire your proposal. Be creative and make it a great story to tell your children!

Brittani Treadway