Let’s Talk About Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses.

I don’t know of a single friend who never dreamt of what their wedding dress would look like as a kid. But at that age, let’s be honest with ourselves, all we wanted was a beautiful cinderella-esque gown. And while that might have made any of us happy then, we now know better. While ball gowns may work for some (and they’re beautiful and I wish that I could pull one off), there’s thankfully an endless amount of dresses and even more types that will make every single bride stand out. So to skip (some) of the stress that is gown shopping, here are the best wedding dresses for your body type. 


Pear-Shaped: Look for a skirt that flares out bit by bit, like A-line dresses. These will float away from your hops and thighs and instead accentuate a more slender upper body.

Busty: Look for a dress with a scooped neckline. It will show just enough without looking inappropriate. Most flattering cut? Sweetheart.

Tall: Look for simple silhouettes. This will show off your long limbs and natural shape. 

Thin Frame: Look for ball gowns ball gowns and more ball gowns. The small waistline and giant skirt will give you curves that you will want to show off!


Curvy/Hourglass: Look for the perfect mermaid dress. This dress will accentuate your hips and curves in all the right places while still making you look incredibly sophisticated and elegant.

Small Chested: Look for all the ruffles and tulle that you can! The extra fabric will give the illusion of curves and a more padded bust area without overdoing it.

If you don’t know: Look for... A-lines. It’s no wonder they’re the most popular style. They’re super flattering on anyone and a classic choice for any wedding. You’ll never look back on wedding pictures and regret going with an A-line dress!


I’m sure that by the time I look for a wedding dress, there will be some app that matches you with your perfect dress in one try. But for now, I’ll keep googling and pinning the dresses I hope to one day find. At the end of the day though, it’s your wedding and it’s your dress. So pick whatever style you love the most, and rock it down the isle.


- Fatima


Want more tips? Check out our sources! They’re the dress experts we wish we were! 




Brittani Treadway