Stress Free Schooling

It is about that time of the year, back to school. Today we will discuss on how stress free during the school year, because we all know they can consist of late nights and early morning and we do not want you feeling overwhelmed. Negative stress will effect your body on both the inside and outside 

College is a place where you have to balance your personal and social life, finances, mental and physical health, all my maintain a high GPA at the same time. Those might not seem like a lot at first but it can become very overwhelming and you might end up loosing yourself in all that and we do not want that. So, I hope these following tips help. 


Be aware of deadlines: 

This is very important because when you are juggling a social life and you are focused on other assignment it isn't hard to forget about a deadline. A lot of teachers do not take deadlines lightly so, stay organized !


We all have our own ways of staying on top of stuff, weather you write stuff down on sticky notes or keep them in you phone find away to remember. There will be a time when you have a lot of assignments do in one week and you can't remember them all off the top of your head. 

Manage your money:

Money is time and time is money, and they both are not  easy to keep track off. From buying food and groceries, to go out with you friends on the weekend it literally feels like money comes and goes. This can be a very stressful feeling, because no one like to be with out money. So, set up a financial plan for yourself because, you know how much money you tend to have every week or bi weekly. If you can't go out one weekend it is okay.

I hope these tips were useful! Even if you are not going off to college these can still be useful tips in everyday life! It is all about planning and staying on top of it, but until next time have a good one!

-Sabrina J.  

Brittani Treadway