DIY Place Mat

Rope Table Mat

Textured place mats are a great way to add a natural rustic style and elegance to your dining table. This DIY place mat is a fun and easy fix. It can give you the expensive furniture store look without that price tag.

What you will need:


Hot glue gun

Round mdf table mat



Sisal rope


How to:

Step 1- Lay a large sheet of paper under the mdf table mat, draw around it and cut it out. Fold the paper circle in half, then in half again. Push the pencil tip through the center point then place this onto the mat. Use the pencil to mark the center.

Step 2- Using the hot glue gun and rope, start at the center on the pencil mark, then coil the rope around, gluing as you go.

Step 3- Continue all the way to the edge then trim the rope and glue the end in place.

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