Graduation Parties

It was just last week that I received yet again, to my surprise, another graduation invitation. Although it’s almost august, graduation parties are shockingly still going. For all you late comers to the most common summer festivity, here’s a way to make sure all your guests remember your party the best!


In terms of snacks, nothing beats these cute cap and tassel bite size treats. There are tons of different variations from using cupcakes to hershey kisses but my favorite the reese's cup route that I found here. In addition to these, nothing says remember the good old days and hello graduated life like a candy blast from the past. Fill any clear or colored bowl with individually wrapped ring pops like these! Finally who wouldn’t want to graduate with delicious diplomas like


For decorations there’s plenty you can do to spice up the old backyard. The best part? Most of these won’t break the bank (unlike college–sorry mom)!

1) First, try adding giant metallic inflatable balloons to make any party sparkle. You can spell out the name of the proud grad, or celebrate their graduation year!

2) Make this DIY Tassel Garland to add color to any room or patio. Plus, you can keep them for you room later – a beautiful addition to walls, mirrors, or headboards. Plus you can make them out of any color or fabric you want. Talk about a chic and unique decoration opportunity! 

3) Scrapbook with Polaroid pictures. This is a must have. Like with any great celebration, pictures are vital. To crank up the nostalgic factor just a bit though, leave a polaroid camera for guests to take funny pictures with the grad and glue them to one giant scrapbook. Be sure to also leave different colored pens for everyone to write their congratulations!

4) Photobooth. Finally, make a photobooth or backdrop for guests to pose with the grad or friends and family. This can really be made however you want. Be creative and add props for your guests to make one of a kind pictures!

- Fatima 




Brittani Treadway