The Loft at 600 F

This week our team took some time to get to know a few of the hottest venues and stores around DC a little better. My pick? The incredible Loft at 600 F, or more commonly known simply as “The Loft”.


The Loft is in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter neighborhood of Washington, D.C., and is widely known for it’s superb services and beautiful decor. With incredible high ceilings, wooden floors, and gorgeous exposed brick, it’s no wonder the Loft has become a top pick for many DC locals. From weddings to cocktail parties, The Loft does it all. The historic building originally designed by Albert Goehner, is filled with modern decor and has enough levels for any event. Guests can use “The Retreat” for corporate meetings or breakout sessions, “The Lounge” for happy hours, daytime events, or dinners, or chose to lounge in the famous “Loft” for networking events, book signings, meet-and-greets, or after party lounge.

A couple days ago I had the pleasure of getting the chance to chat with The Loft’s current manager and original cofounder, Evangeline Johnson. She told me all about what it’s like to work at The Loft, her position and role, the type of events they host, and why she thinks that Loft is as special as it sounds. Below are some of the standout responses during our interview. 



How did The Loft get started?

"The Loft at 600 F is the brainchild of a small group of millennial business owners who wanted to diversify their experience while offering a new, high end service to D.C. -- beautiful, private event spaces with a variety of amenities and excellent customer relations. It began with 2200 square feet on one floor of event space in the heart of Chinatown, and over the past 2.5 years we have tripled our square footage and generously expanded our offerings and staff. I’m excited to say that we have plans to expand the brand and are currently shopping for a larger venue to add to the collection.” 

From the looks of the website, it seems as though you cater many different events? Which ones does The Loft see the most? 

“While we have had every type of event here from fashion shows, and pop-up shops, to concerts, live art shows, and even a whisky tasting with mini pigs (!), what we usually see are Weddings, Corporate Retreats, daytime meetings seeking a creative environment, company and holiday parties, brand launches and birthday parties, TV/news network/movie filmings, and photo shoots."

What is your role and every day like working at The Loft?

"I have been involved with The Loft from the very beginning and throughout its growth, from the concept stage and our first hires to setting hospitality standards and general oversight as the business has grown. As part of the management team, my primary responsibilities are hospitality training and customer service oversight for staff, interior design and decorating, sourcing unique items and locally created/brewed offerings for guests, and managing site tours for our clients.”

So why do you do it? What do you love about your job?

Well, my background is in hospitality, and although I split my time between working for the holdings company that owns our brand, and my work at The Loft, the venue is simply a natural place for me. People are delighted when they walk into our reception lounge for a tour, which has its own unique look and feel just like each of our rentable floors; we make a point to set and maintain high expectations - and deliver - from arrival to departure. I can hardly express how rewarding it is to walk a prospective client through our venue, imagining their event along with them in our space. We designed The Loft with the idea in mind that our clients should be able to use our floors “as-is” - they come staged for a gorgeously appointed and decorated event - or, clients may use our space as a canvas to customize as much as they want. We work hard and do our best as a team to ensure that our clients are happy and prioritized, and that we’ll be at the top of their list the next time they, or their friends, need a venue. Simply put, working here is rewarding.”



If our interview with Evangeline isn’t enough to convince you to check out The Loft, head on over to their website ( to check out their gallery, more information on their various spaces available, and contact information. And if you’re already in the midsts of planning your special event, consider letting us help you make it one you’ll never forget. If you hadn’t noticed, we sure do know our way around the hottest places in DC.

- Fatima

Brittani Treadway