Traveling with No Limits

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
— St. Agustine

What is the first thing that comes to mine when you hear the word traveling? I want you to keep those thought in the back of your head why reading this blog. According to Webster Dictionary travel is defined by, to make a journey, typical of some length. Traveling is not limited by that definition, so whatever traveling means to you is what it means, there is not a right or wrong answer. 

 So, you might start questioning yourself with the thoughts of, do I have to leave the country to travel, I do not even have stamps in my passport, how long do I have to stay? To me traveling is when you either go to a familiar or unfamiliar place, but you are gaining knowledge about the place you are visiting why also learning more about yourself no matter how long you are there. Then comes the planning process, this may be difficult for some because they do not know where to start, so on todays blog I am going to introduce you to a couple travels groups. Travel groups are great and beneficial they help introduce you to new people why easing the planning process for you. 

Nomad-ness Travel Tribe was founded by Evita Robinson after her popular travel series Nomad-ness TV. Nomad-ness TV is has an urban edge showing her travel experience with over 12,000 members. Nomad-ness Travel Tribe considers themselves as a new age travel movement who shares their stories, advice, personal experiences and photos with the world. They are helping break the myth that people of color do not travel with 85% of their members being African America and collectively, members have over 50,000 passports stamps and are living in over 3 dozen countries. With crowdfunded one $40,000 in three different Kickstarted campaigns NomadnessX takes trips to Panama, Germany, Spain, Japan, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and India just to name a few. If you would like to learn about Nomad-ness Travel Tribe click here.

This one is strictly for my ladies, Women Travel Together was founded in 1997 by Debra Asberry. Debra always wanted to travel but never wanted to go alone or be a single on a couple's tour so after seven month of interview women to help design a traveling company that benefit the needs of women traveling solo. Depending on the travelers suggestion Women Travel Together offer a wide variety of destinations why providing a safe and secure environment for the women due to the fact that they are traveling in groups. They create hassle-free vacation experience for their women so they can really take time to enjoy themselves. If you could like to learn more about Women Travel Together click here.

I hope you can consider either one of the of these travel groups, if not there are plenty more out there. In the United States a person is given an average of 10 paid vacations day, but sad enough we do not solely take advantage of it. Remember you always have to put time aside for yourself. I hope I inspired you to take trip. 

-xoxo Sabrina 

Brittani Treadway