DC’s Top Photo Ops

 Whether the target is finding a cathedral with beautiful stained windows, or a park with green open fields, the setting of an event is often the most important part of any event. Whether one needs a great setting for wedding photos, or simply looking to explore the many incredible backdrops DC has to offer, this is now your guide to the best of them. 


1) The DC Monuments. While obvious, it’s a must. There are endless possibilities to what kind of incredible pictures one can get when your backdrop is made up of the white house, Capitol, or Lincoln memorial. 

2) Union Station. Although it’s always crowded, it has beautiful arches and high ceilings.

3) Meridian Hill Park. This beautiful hidden gem has beautiful fountains, plenty of trees and flowers, and grand cascading steps. Wedding photos are a popular choice here. 

4) Glen Echo Park. It’s not quite inside DC. However, shortly outside of it lies this charming old-timey amusement park. This is perfect for any couple that wants a very unique but beautiful photoshoot 


5) Murals in NOMA. Incredible architecture and painted walls line the streets. This will transform any photoshoot into a one of a kind experience! 

6) National Gallery of Art. With so many beautiful exhibits, walkways, and stairwells, it’s not wonder so many chose this as their number one spot for shoots. The best spot? Leo Villareal’s “Multiverse” exhibit. 

7) Cherry Blossoms. If you’re lucky enough to have your photoshoot date line up with the cherry blossoms, there’s no reason to not pick this as your spot.

8) Ronald Reagan Building. Beautiful stone, huge archways, enough said. 

9) National Arboretum. The National Capitol Columns are a classic landmark, and are a beautiful backdrop to any shoot. 

10) The Metro. You might not think so at first, but the metro can be a part of the most beautiful photos. Shooting at Metro Center will ensure that you get beautiful white archways as your backdrop


- Fatima

Brittani Treadway