Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use

When choosing wedding favors, looking at items that your guests can actually get use out of in their everyday life or in general is a great place to start. It’s a big waste of money if your guests decide to either leave their favors at the reception or throw them away as soon as they get home. This also saves your guests those feelings of guilt when they later throw out your wedding favors. Try to think practical and of something that guys and girls would get use from all the while not breaking the bank. Below are some suggestions for favors of that nature.



What’s cuter than these little green plants in their teeny containers? Your guests can enjoy these on display in their homes or offices. These plants are convenient because they don’t take up too much space and add a touch of greenery!


Candy Bags

With candy bags, your guests can go trick or treating at your wedding and fill their bags with sweets from a candy bar giving your event a nostalgic element.



Coasters are a good functional household item and they are easy and affordable to make yourself!



M&M’s can be customized with words and even images to help commemorate your big day and serve as great favors for guests to have and be reminded of your union.


Water Bottles

These favors are good for the environment and guests can use them again and again.


Lotto Tickets

This fun and out of the box gift is a gift that could keep on giving and earn you praise from your guests.


Homemade Treats

Treats like cookies, brownies, or even jam can make great party favors for your guests to enjoy.

I hope this post can serve as a guide to coming up with neat and useful wedding favors. Good luck!

Brittani Treadway