The Perfect Party for Even the tiniest of Celebrations



A little party never killed nobody.

But sometimes a little one is all that’s need. 



A little while ago I came across a photo of a tiny disco ball drink cup, sparkles, colorful candy, and a whole lot of confetti. And it was because of my inability to ignore shiny decorations and sweets that I was introduced to Packed Party: a company that prioritizes celebrating life’s moments no matter how big or insignificant they may seem. 

Jordan Jones founded Packed Party to highlight the little things. She believes everyone should be “confident enough to start the party for [themselves] and kind enough to start the party for someone else”. And so, Jordan dedicated herself to helping others do just that.

Packed Party lets anyone send a themed package to anyone who deserves a little celebrating. Their themed bundles can be sent to celebrate birthdays, get over breakups, say thanks, or to simply let a friend know you’re thinking of them. But the best part? All the contents are a surprise. While you can chose a theme, what comes in each bundle remains a secret. The even change over time so the mystery is never spoiled, and the surprises keep coming. 

Despite being relatively new, Packed Party is making itself known around the nation. Through its growing campus ambassadors program and the its many increasingly positive reviews, many are beginning to embrace Jones’ philosophy: no matter how small the reason, there’s always a reason to celebrate, smile, and have fun. 

Although I will always advocate going big when it comes to life’s important moments, Packed Party has given me a reason to enjoy even the tiniest ones in the best way possible, with food and lots of confetti. 

- Fatima

Brittani Treadway