Honeymoons To Remember

A couple’s first honeymoon is often times just as important as the wedding. Once the highly anticipated wedding day is over, many couples look forward to celebrating their newlywed status in a unique way. After making what seems like a never-ending series of decisions–invitations, venue, dress, flowers–the last thing newly weds want to do is spend more time picking a place for their romantic getaway. Honeymoons can be anywhere from tropical retreats to snowy resorts, so it’s no wonder that many couples struggle to choose one option. Getting a head start by narrowing ones search ahead of time will definitely make things easier! Below are five prime honeymoon locations that range from exotic to picturesque that are bound to create a memorable experience for any newlywed couple.

The Bellagio Hotel

Las Vegas isn’t just known as an ideal location for eloping, but also for being a great place for adventurous couples. Here, couples can not only relax, but also enjoy an element of adventure and thrill. The Bellagio Hotel presents guests with breathtaking gardens perfect for romantic strolls, gourmet food, a renowned spa, as well as active nightlife. We all know Vegas has a lot to offer from the romantic side to the adventurous side, both of which will make for an unforgettable vacation.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Honeymoons do not have to be spent bathing in the sun in order to be great. If one is looking to go on a honeymoon that is like no other, the Fairmont Chateau is the perfect location. Located on the glacier-fed Lake Louise, the Fairmont Chateau provides a range of winter sports setting the scene for a unique snowy refuge for couples looking to get cozy. Activities include ice-skating, cross-country skiing, and even dog sledding. After a long day of chilling sports, guests can kick their feet up and be treated by the hotel’s spa right before taking a dreamy sleigh ride through the wilderness. The peaceful setting of the lake makes this location ideal even in the warmer parts of the year when guests can white-water raft or go horseback riding.


Located on the island of Bali in Indonesia, Amankilla is a very popular resort, especially for newly weds. Directly translating to “peaceful hill,” Amankilla overlooks the LomBok Strait in East Bali providing dazzling views of the sea. Newlyweds even have the option of booking a deluxe suite with a private pool in the room. Stepping away from the resort and into the native part of the land assures an encounter submerged in culture and religious customs in one the 10,000 temples located throughout the island.

The St. Regis Florence

For couples looking for a honeymoon surrounded by romance, no other place will do so better than Italy. Known for having great food, an abundance of rich history, and breathtaking views, Italy is popular among many newlyweds. The St. Regis Florence is located in an 18th-century palace that overlooks the Arno River. Couples will be submerged into Florence culture as soon as they step into their rooms. Honeymooners can shop at the Ponte Vecchio or visit the Duomo cathedral as they begin to create their first memories together. They may also travel to other stunning locations such as Venice and Rome for additional adventures.

The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa

This beautiful location is housed on a white sandy beach and clear blue lagoon creating the ultimate tropical getaway. Honeymooners take shelter up on high stilts in bungalows placed well above the water where tropical fish can be seen through glass floor panels. This setting offers romantic sunrise that can be seen from the comfort of your room as well as opportunities for snorkeling and swimming. Couples can also be pampered at the resorts spa overlooking a one of a kind view.


While the perfect honeymoon may be different for every couple, what truly dictates the success of the trip is the company. Choosing the perfect spot might be stressful, but if one gets an early start a great honeymoon is bound to follow.

Good luck and happy honeymooning!

Brittani Treadway