How to Rock Your American Themed Party

Believe it or not, it’s mid June. Which means that before you know it July 4th will be here. If you’re anything like me and hate scrambling for last minute plans as much as running to the store for a desperate attempt to find decorations minutes before the party, it might be a good idea to plan now. Although you can also, celebrate the USA Men’s national soccer team’s success in Copa America thus far. Either way, this is what you’ll need to celebrate America properly.

1) Invitations to absolutely die for. If you ask me, invitations are pretty good indicators of how fun a party will be. So here are a couple options for your patriotic invites:

  • Go the Crafty/DIY route: The truth is that you don’t need much to make a rocking invitation. Some ribbon, colored paper, stickers, and the occasional Pinterest inspiration are all you really need. Plus your guests will definitely appreciate your attention to detail and hard work. However, if you’re feeling a bit out of ideas, check out CANVA for a fun and incredibly easy way to make incredible invites your guests will not overlook!
  • Go historic: I used this card for my last America Themed Party and the response couldn’t have been more positive. Nothing says America like good old Uncle Sam. 
  • Go the easy route: Needless to say, a lot of us wish we were as creative as most people on Pinterest. For us, Pinterest is our best friend. Simply look for the name of the type of invitation you’re looking for plus “printables” next to it, and voilà, perfect invitations you can print out and customize. And there’s no need to tell your guests where you got them. 

2) Food, and lots of it in Red, White and Blue. While hotdogs and burgers are to America parties like peanut butter is to jelly, a great party needs more than just your classics. Thankfully, there’s enough food in patriotic colors (or that can be dipped, dyed, or stained by them) to go around. Here’s just a few ideas:

  • America flag made out of cupcakes. YUM! Simple, fun, patriotic, and most of all delicious. Just frost any mini cupcake with blue red and white, and you’ve got a perfect treat that anyone will love!
  • Dipped pretzels. All you need is white chocolate and some fun red and blue toppings. Check the recipe out here!
  • Firework fruit kabobs–learn how to make them here.
  • Berries on everything: tarts, pies, cake, anything that can be covered in strawberries and blueberries should. Like these mini tarts.

3) Same with the drinks. Great drinks are an absolute must have in both adult and kid friendly versions. Here are my easy to make picks.

  • For adults: red white and blue sangria that can be found  This will be the perfect refreshing drink for anyone looking to relax and enjoy the fireworks.
  • For kids: red white and blue Captain America drinks found here. Superheroes and America, kids will go crazy for these.

 4) Rocking Decorations that will compete with any firework show. The final, and (if you ask me) the most important part of any party, the decorations. Here are some of my favorite things to spruce up a room with.

  • Mason flowers jars. What’s not to love? Check out this example here.
  • DIY painted lawn stars. Simple and fun for the kids.
  • Glass jars filled with candy (twizzlers, white chocolate, blue M&Ms). Who said that the food was only there for eating? These are a simple and beautiful way to store snacks and decorate any room. 
  • Denim and burlap garland. This one will require a bit more time to make, but that’s why you’re starting in June. Check out how to make this perfect wall decor here.

That’s it! Now the only thing left for a guaranteed good time is some great company! 

- Fatima

Brittani Treadway