Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations 

It is wedding season! June, August, September, and October are the most popular months to get married and you have to plan accordingly. The invitations is one of the important componets to a wedding, because it is the first piece your guest will see. Your brain is probably running wild with ideas. We've got your back on deciding what type of wedding you want to lean towards. These tips are here to help you will coming up with ideas for your special day. 

Wording and Tone

Wording and tone are key componets on an invite, because you want everything to be clean and clear to your guest. The wording and tone can vary depending on how you want to appeal to your guest. When deciding on your wording and tone you want to keep in mind the four most basic, yet important parts to the invitation, the who, what, when, and where. Depending on how you address the who, what, when, and where is what you are worried about, but if these four questions are answered in amount of questions your guest ask will be limited. 

Non-traditional or Traditional

Are you planning more of a non-traditional or traditional wedding? You may consider these as either modern or classic types of invites, but this is important to know because it can help differ on how you adresse your guest with the four questions we just talked about and the layout you want. 

The picture on the left is an example of a non-traditional wedding invitation. Non-traditional or modern wedding invites can consist of multiple colors and design, why coming in different shapes and sizes. Your creative thoughts are able to run wild when creating your modern invite. Although you can get very creative you still want to keep a some since of a color combination down to about two colors but no more than three. You are creating more of a vibrant feel to your guest and this is the vibe they are expecting to carry on to the actual wedding. 

Traditional or classic invites usually do not differ much from each other. They usually consist of the colors white or a creamy color as the backdrop to the card and have a nice elegant yet bold texting style that catches your guest attention. The coloring of the texting is very important to consider, because you do not want to much clashing expectly since it is such a simple card. Although it is a classical card you can still dress it up by adding ribbons and bows with either golden or silver engravements. You could probably give more information about the wedding, such as information about the reception, but that is up to you.   

No matter on what type of wedding you lean towards you just want to keep in mind these tips. I hope they help you create that perfect wedding invitation.  

Brittani Treadway