Wedding Flowers for Any Month

While I’d love to say to choose Peonies for every event, because I do sure love my peonies, there’s a right flower for every wedding and for every month. Here are my picks!

January: Calla Lilies. These beautiful white long flowers will elevate any February wedding to the next level.  

February: Magnolias. Magnolias bloom during the spring season and can be white, yellow, purple, pink or red. They make for a beautiful bouquet for any spring wedding.  

March: Hydrangeas. With their old school charm and the many incredible color possibilities, Hydrangeas are a no brainer. Even if you chose to go with the classic white hydrangeas, they’re sure to look as incredible as these! 

April: Tulips. A favorite–really can’t go wrong here. 

May: Peonies. Finally! Peonies bloom in the spring, but usually begin during the later part of April until early June. They’re the only pink flowers I truly love, and like the ones pictured here, it’s not hard to see why! 

June: Daffodils. Seeings as they’re the flowers symbolizing friendship, these are perfect for any wedding. Plus they’re an all time favorite. 

July: Carnations. An all time favorite. 

August: Sunflowers. While not a obvious choice for weddings, sunflowers are gorgeous summer flowers, and would make the right outdoor venue pop on any sunny day! 

September: Orchids. Elegant and timeless. Enough said. 

October: Dahlias, like the ones pictures to the left are your go to in october. With their incredible color variety, these flowers are the best addition to a fall wedding. Their warm, rich, tones will look incredible next to the changing leaves. 

November: Irises. Known for their bright purple shade, they’ll bring a pop of color and sophistication to any event. 

December: Roses. Roses bloom year round, but if you ask me, you can never go wrong with white roses for a winter wedding. However, if you’re not a fan of Roses, you can always count on creating an incredible venue with white Gardenias, like the ones pictured here.

- Fatima

Brittani Treadway