How To Guide for the Perfect Appetizer Board

The most important thing to do when planning a dinner party is food, food, food. When planning for your party, make sure to ask your guests immediately about any food allergies or preferences that they have. This will allow you to accommodate all your guests while planning your meal, and will avoid the awkwardness of not having food your guest can eat.


If your guests don’t eat meat….

It’s totally normal for you or your guests to not eat meat. Try substituting salami with a smoked salmon on your appetizer tray. Add cheeses, crackers, and bread, and you’re ready for guests!

If your guests have dairy allergies….

Supplement the loss of protein with meats and nuts. Your guests will still love the display, and you won’t have to make a guest feel uncomfortable about their allergy. Also try this Rosemary Cranberry Pecan Crisps recipe, it’s sure to be a hit. 

Dressing up your appetizer board

Try adding some herbs or flowers to your appetizer platter. Stylish and natural, these will give an extra zest to your platter while still keep it natural.


By: Caroline vanKampen

Brittani Treadway