Turn Your Room into An Oasis

By: Caroline vanKampen


There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and having an amazing place to unwind. Here are our top ways to help turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis.

Clutter Free

There is nothing you want to do less after a long day than to come home to a cluttered space. Make an effort to keep your room as clutter free as possible to avoid any added stress to the environment. Make your bed every morning so its ready for you at the end of the day.



Candles can add a certain ambiance to your room that will help you unwind after a long day. If you worry about having candles lit, try an electronic candle. Candles come in all sort of shapes and sizes, so mix and match for some great decoration in your room. Just be careful not to mix and match scents too much because this can lead to overpowering smells that will cause the opposite effect of relaxing.

Essential Oils

Smells can be very relaxing! Lavender, vanilla, rose, and jasmine are all proven to help boost your mood and help you relax. Put the essential oil in a reed diffuser for an equal distribution of the scent through your room, or add essential oils to a humidifier for great smells in your room as well as added benefits to your skin and for a better sleep.


Blankets and Throw Pillows

Make your bed a haven. Add pillows and a throw blanket to your bed to make it something you look forward to sinking into at the end of the day.


By: Caroline van Kampen

Caroline van Kampen