6 Easy Dishes you can Cook in a Microwave That Actually Taste Great

By: Justina Simmons

When it comes to quick, easy, and convenient food the microwave is the ultimate triple threat. Whether you’re too busy, or just hate the thought of slaving over a hot stove, this little life-saving appliance can crank out gourmet tasting food just in time for you to walk out the door. 

Now, that was a bold statement. After all, the microwave is the thing responsible for the rubbery pizza you tried to heat up the other day. But these 8 microwavable recipes are sure to change your mind, and prove that the microwave oven is still an oven, and can make even the simplest ingredients come to life. 

1. Quesadillas: The best thing about this dish is you only need cheese and tortillas. Of course, you can throw anything on this bad boy to spice it up, like jalapeños, onions, tomatoes, chicken, or bacon. 50-60 seconds later, you got a cheesy, decadent meal that you can share with the whole family. 

Photo Credit: whatdadcooked.com

2. Pasta and sauce: You really don’t need a stove to boil pasta. The key to this dish is getting the noodles just right. It’s recommended that you add 3-4 minutes to the suggested cooking time found on the box. Also, don’t forget to cover the bowl with a plate to avoid spillage. 

Photo Credit: sheknows.com

3. Salmon: If you ask anyone they'd tell you fish and microwaves just don’t go together... at all. But, salmon can be cooked perfectly in the microwave oven. Lay it skin side down, season, and voila!

Photo Credit: food.com

4. Quinoa: Preparing quinoa in the microwave is actually cleaner and easier than making it on the stove. This healthy rice substitute just needs water. Don’t forget to take it out, stir it in the middle of cooking, then stick it back in. 

Photo Credit: fitfoodiefinds.com

5. Kale chips: It seems like everyone has been riding this kale wave so why not? These kale chips will come out as crispy and delicious as ever. Be sure the pieces don’t overlap, drizzle olive oil and enjoy this guilt free 10 minute snack. 

Photo Credit: freerangecookies.com

6. Baked potatoes: After making these in the microwave you’ll never prepare these in the oven again. Slice it open and slap some butter on it for some extra flavor. Actually why stop there? Broccoli, cheese, sour cream, and seasoning will make this taste restaurant quality. 

Justina Simmons