DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

By: Caroline van Kampen

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, everyone seems to be scrambling to get those they love a special something. While Hallmark cards can be witty and adorable, a beautiful handmade Valentine’s Day card is sure to make you’re special someone feel appreciated and loved. Here are three of our favorites:

We just fit: This first DIY card is a pretty easy make! All you need is two puzzle pieces, some glue, a blank card, and a red sharpie.

Candy Hearts: Constantly looking for ways to reuse tiny jewelry boxes? Try decorating the front of the box for your special someone this Valentine’s Day, and filling the box candy hearts. What’s better than a Valentine’s Day card? A card plus candy of course!


"You light up my life: This last DIY card is super sweet and gives you a great excuse to use all those old, mismatched birthday candles that have been laying around. Glue the candles to a blank card, and with a little help from a red marker you’ve got a Valentine’s Day card sure to please!

Caroline van Kampen