Interview with Cowbell Kitchen


Venue: Cow Bell Kitchen

Interviewee: Niau Farmer

What is Cow Bell Kitchen? “We are a mobile company that provides the community with fresh, produced food. We serve classic food options with a touch of the south, in which most people enjoy. We keep the menu the same for the most part, but we make small adjustments according to the season or the popularity of certain foods.”

What is your company’s specialty? “We consider our company a sandwich builder extraordinaire, and the desserts are pretty great too. Most people come for a sandwich and then choose a dessert. We have days where our team makes more than a hundred sandwiches in just a few hours.”

What events do your company carter to? “We are a mobile company that can be found at various locations; we specialize in farm farmer markets and weddings.”

Expand on your company’s work with weddings. “It’s great to be a part of weddings. We are mostly booked to add a rustic feel to a modern day event. Some of the brides and grooms come from the country and want to incorporate those memories into their wedding, and sometimes people just want that southern, homemade feel.”

Do you plan to expand the events that you all cater for? “Yes, that is something that we have started, but we would like to get even more involved.”


Brittani Treadway