Girl's Night-In!

Life gets busy pretty fast, but work, relationships, and all that comes with adulting doesn’t have to take away your fun – it may be time for a girl’s night in! There are plenty of things to do that will help you relive your younger, carefree days.


You don’t have to be a pro to do a makeover, that’s what YouTube tutorials are for! Gather your favorite makeup brands, choose a trendy make-up look, and then go to work. Who cares if it doesn’t turn out perfect – you’re practicing with your girls after all.

Movie Night

When is the last time you and your friends got together and had a movie marathon? Girl’s night is the perfect time to eat junk food and watch movies. Unwind in your favorite PJs with a comfy blanket! 

Bake off

Baking can be made fun when with your friends, so why not host a bakeoff!? This is an easy way to show off your skills and eat as many desserts as you want. Pair your desserts with ice-cream, milkshakes, or wine.  

Wine Night

Speaking of wine, this is a great time to introduce your friends to your favorite wine. Everyone can enjoy a glass, so why not make it a wine tasting party!?

Brittani Treadway