Brittani Treadway, Owner

Letter from BT

Hey there!

Thanks so much for checking out my space. I’m so excited that you’re taking this time (even if its just a moment) to learn more about me, what I do, and how I can help you.

To start, I want to tell you about who I am and what I do. I’m Brittani/BT/Britt and if I could put a title on what I do it would be “Woman Empowering-Marketing Strategist-Ultra Opinionated-Event Planner Extraordinaire & Philanthropist” …but I’ve never been into titles much! For lack of conciseness, I could more broadly say that I work to help people in the ways that I know best. Whether you’re looking to introduce your company with a glitzy launch party, fundraise thousands of dollars for your non-profit, empower women through impactful (and real) conversation/speaking engagements, or you just want to unapologetically fan girl for Beyoncé a bit, I’m your girl.

I, alongside various team members, work to create experiences that are both relevant and meaningful to your space. BT Events, lovingly referred to as BTE, is the boutique event planning firm that surely has an elegant solution to your event planning needs. Her Success, Inc., is my co-founded nonprofit organization which specializes in empowering young girls, and women, with the tools necessary for both entrepreneurial success and self-love. And lastly, my newest (and soon to be expanding) baby, Grapes For Dinner – is a women’s empowerment podcast. The show is filled with genuine girl-talk and of course grapes, as I co-host weekly, with different power-playing women, to help us all navigate through this thing called life.

A little more personally, if you can’t tell I’m a hugely devoted member of the Beyhive—and I value my membership dearly. In addition to my offerings on this site, I work in Technology Communications doing comms strategy & events… so it’s safe to same I love being a busy bee. That being said, schedules & organization have become a hobby of mine (partially because I want them to be and partially because I have no other option).

I’m a graduate of the illustrious Howard University and although my familial ties are in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I travelled to the district after growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I spend any free time I have trying new restaurants, watching an obnoxious amount of reality television, sifting through sales at Michael’s for my latest DIY project, and guest blogging for anyone who will let me!

I work hard daily to appreciate all of life’s blessings and feel overwhelmingly thankful for the ability to do the work that I do and love in every aspect of my life.  I look forward to possibly working with you, your project, or your passions in the future.

Again, many thanks for stopping by today and please, please don’t hesitate to reach out!